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Horizons Greater Washington

A D.C. organization that supports learning for underprivileged students both in the summer and during the school year.


AGE RANGE - 16 and above

What is Horizons Greater Washington?

Horizons Greater Washington is an organization that aims to provide summer learning opportunities for underprivileged communities in the D.C. area. Their program includes academic learning as well as swimming. Horizons Greater Washington also partners with the Summer Food Service Program overseen by the Office of the State Superintendent of Education to provide meals for its students. This organization provides opportunities for children ranging from kindergartners to middle schoolers. They also offer two six-week sessions, called Saturday Academy, during the school year.

How do I volunteer?

Horizons Greater Washington is currently accepting volunteers for Saturday Academy, which will have a spring session running in March and April of this year. Volunteers ages 16 and above can participate in a number of ways. Horizons is always looking for additional classroom support, whether it's helping out a teacher or providing extra homework tutoring. You can also volunteer to help with enrollment or be a part of Summer Food Service Program.

Additionally, you can volunteer as a guest speaker for Horizons and share your personal experiences!

If you're interested in volunteering for Horizons, you can find the volunteer form here.

Please note that Horizons is looking for volunteers that are associated with a particular school in the area.

Feel free to share extra information and personal experiences in the comments below, or head over to the forum!

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