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Humane Rescue Alliance

The Humane Rescue Alliance works to improve the treatment of animals, on an individual household basis and also in cases of emergency.


AGE RANGE - Most volunteering opportunities are for 18 and above, but there are specific opportunities for volunteers under 18

What is the Humane Rescue Alliance?

Since its charter in 1870, the Humane Rescue Alliance has conducted cruelty investigations, provided animal control services, and advocated for federal, state and local legislation and policies that protect animals.

How do I volunteer?

The Humane Rescue Alliance needs lots and lots of volunteers. As a volunteer, you can assist with the care and training of animals, support adoption and fundraising events, pass out pet food to local families, assist veterinary staff in the medical center, greet visitors to the shelter, answer phones, help with administrative projects, and much more.

Volunteers must be vaccinated and must fill out a volunteer orientation form.

For under-18 year old volunteers, the Humane Rescue Alliance has particular opportunities, including hosting a supply drive, creating a scavenger hunt, or throwing a pet pantry party. Wish lists appear here.

Feel free to share extra information and personal experiences in the comments below, or head over to the forum!


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