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LiftMeUp! Therapeutic Riding

Provides therapeutic horse riding for children and adults with varying abilities.

AREA - Great Falls, VA

AGE RANGE - 14 and above

What is LiftMeUp! ?

LiftMeUp! is an equine-assisted facility providing safe and effective therapeutic riding programs for children and adults with varying abilities. They teach riding and horsemanship skills adapted to each rider’s cognitive and physical needs. They also offer programs to improve the mental health and well-being of teens and adults.

LiftMeUp! help participants gain confidence, strength and self-esteem in a friendly, fun environment.

How do I volunteer?

There are many volunteer opportunities at LiftMeUp! Most volunteers help with the lesson program, which includes grooming and tacking up horses, leading horse during a riding lesson, or assisting a rider as a side-walker. Lesson volunteers are very active and should be comfortable walking on uneven ground and doing some light jogging. All volunteers are trained and must be capable of executing an "emergency dismount."

Volunteers can also help with a number of administrative activities such as word processing projects, grant writing, fundraising, as well as event planning. Potential volunteers are encouraged to reach out by email for more information.

Feel free to share extra information and personal experiences in the comments below, or head over to the forum!


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