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Northstar Tutoring

Providing tutors to underserved D.C. students.


AGE RANGE - 18 and above

What is Northstar Tutoring?

Begun 30 years ago, Northstar Tutoring matches low income students with their own volunteer tutor/mentor. They strive to provide the academic support and personal attention that these kids may not otherwise have in their lives. Partnering with families, educators and volunteers, Northstar provides twice-weekly tutoring and regular mentoring activities to some of the most under-served students in the D.C. area.

How do I volunteer?

Volunteer tutors/mentors are at the heart of Northstar Tutoring. Volunteers are matched with their own student, who they work with for the duration of the school year - and subsequent years if both continue with the program.

In addition to meeting for weekly sessions, volunteers have the option of taking their student on monthly mentoring activities. Mentoring activities are arranged by the volunteer and student’s parent and can range from trips to museums and sports events to going to the movies or extra tutoring sessions. Volunteers apply here and can learn more about volunteer opportunities here.

Feel free to share extra information and personal experiences in the comments below, or head over to the forum!


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