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Open Door Sports

Provides sports programs for children with special needs and financial challenges

AREA - D.C. and Montgomery County, MD

AGE RANGE - 11 and above

What is Open Door Sports?

Founded in 2016 by a mother whose daughter has cerebral palsy and an intellectual disability, Open Door Sports seeks to provide team sports opportunities to children of all abilities, free of charge. Since its inception, Open Door Sports has coached 1146 players with disabilities, coached 707 players from low/moderate income households, matched 1586 volunteer Peer Buddies, worked at 15 schools in MD and DC, and removed all financial barriers to participation by making all programming FREE of charge.

How do I volunteer?

Open Door Sports seeks a variety of volunteers, including: (1) Peer Buddies (age 11 - 17), who work with players with disabilities and help them find success in team sports in an encouraging and inclusive environment. Volunteers aged 11-17 will be matched with a player for each season at a designated school location. Peer buddies will receive student service learning (SSL) credit for their time spent volunteering. Here is more information; (2) Event planning for the Opening Doors, Opening Hearts Cocktail party in the spring of each year. To learn more about this opportunity, contact Open Door Sports by email; (3) Friendraising hosts: Open Door Sports is always looking for individuals to host fundraising events at their home or workplace. If you would like to support ODS through a "friendraiser" please contact them by email.

Feel free to share extra information and personal experiences in the comments below, or head over to the forum!


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