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Potomac Community Resources (PCR)

Provides recreational, social, and respite care programs for teens and adults with developmental differences.

AREA - Montgomery County, MD

AGE RANGE - 15 and above

What is PCR?

PCR is a private nonprofit organization that promotes the inclusion of persons with developmental differences – intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) – into all aspects of community life. Founded in 1994 by a small group of families at Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Parish, PCR today serves hundreds of individuals and families in the DC region. They accomplish their mission by: providing award-winning therapeutic, social, recreational, and respite care programs, connecting people with I/DD to services and supports that help them live healthy, fulfilling, and independent lives, and by public education and public policy advocacy, creating new Spanish-language and American Sign Language resources for people with I/DD and their families, supporting community-based organizations with similar missions; and creating community-based, safe, and affordable housing opportunities for people with I/DD.

How do I volunteer?

PCR welcomes volunteers, and more information can be found here. The first step to becoming a volunteer is to fill out this form. Volunteers are needed for the many activities that PCR offers, including aerobics classes, therapeutic activities, chorus, art classes, music, and more.

Feel free to share extra information and personal experiences in the comments below, or head over to the forum!


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