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Rock Creek Conservancy

Restoring and protecting Rock Creek and its parklands as a natural oasis for D.C.

AREA - D.C. and Montgomery County, MD

AGE RANGE - All ages

What is Rock Creek Conservancy?

Rock Creek Conservancy protects and restores the Rock Creek and its local parklands. Rock Creek meanders 33 miles through D.C. and Montgomery County, MD, crossing federal, state and District boundaries. It's mission is to: (1) recruit and train volunteers who become environmental stewards, (2) empower the next generation of Rock Creek stewards through paid summer service learning, (3) educate park visitors about ways to reduce impacts on Rock Creek while enjoying the park, (4) restore mini-oases as demonstrations of the restoration needed throughout the park, and (5) advocate for the protection of the watershed and Rock Creek Park.

How do I volunteer?

Rock Creek Conservancy offers a number of ways to volunteer. These include being a socially distant steward, being a public volunteer at periodic events, becoming a stream team leader, joining an extreme clean-up (email here to find out more), and more.

If you love our local Rock Creek and its parks, and love to work outside, this may be the volunteer opportunity for you!

Feel free to share extra information and personal experiences in the comments below, or head over to the forum!


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