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Shepherd's Table

Helping Montgomery County residents who are experiencing food insecurity, homelessness and poverty.

AREA - Montgomery County, MD

AGE RANGE - age 13 and above with an adult, age 16 and up alone

What is Shepherd's Table?

Shepherd's Table is a Montgomery County based program that has grown from its inception as a soup kitchen in 1983 to an institution that provides breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. It provides more than 170,000 meals per year. In an effort to be environmentally sustainable, food is now served in compostable containers.

In addition, Shepherd's Table provides other helpful resources such as mail service and phone use, toiletries and blankets, crisis intervention and language services.

They have also expanded their services to include eye care and a clothing closet.

How do I volunteer?

Shepherd's Table seeks volunteers to help with daily meal service at their main location in Silver Spring, MD. The link to sign up is here.

They also need help from clothing sorters, drivers who can pick up food from local grocery stores, and assistance in the eye center and resource center. All those opportunities are listed here.

Feel free to share extra information and personal experiences in the comments below, or head over to the forum!


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