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Manna Food Center

A Montgomery County organization that aspires to eliminate hunger through food distribution, education, advocacy, and community building.

AREA - Montgomery County, MD

AGE RANGE - 11 and above


What is Manna Food Center?

Manna Food Center is an organization dedicated to ending food insecurity in Montgomery County. They distribute approximately 12,000 pounds of food daily and operate not only as a food bank, but also a center of distribution and nutritional education. They currently serve over 50,500 people per year. In addition to distributing food to those in need, they help build a community in Montgomery County and strive to bring together the county's community in the fight to end food insecurity. They also work with more than 350 other organizations, including government agencies, nonprofits, schools, and doctors.

How do I volunteer?

Please note that all volunteers are required to show proof of COVID vaccination and booster shots will be required by June 15, 2022.

Manna Food Center hosts many events that require volunteers. Individuals and small groups, such as your family, can participate in community box packings, where you can help pack boxes of nonperishable items for Manna Food Center's Food For Families program. Volunteers who are 16 or older can also participate in satellite distribution events, a job which includes setting up, checking in the participants, directing traffic, and loading cars.

Additionally, volunteers 18 or older can become ambassadors for Manna Food Center and represent the organization at community outreach opportunities. Ambassadors must go through a training, so this opportunity is a bit more involved. Older volunteers can also participate in the call center by taking phone calls and scheduling participants, and this job has both virtual and in-person shifts available. Finally, older volunteers can be delivery drivers a few times a month and help deliver ingredients to participants' homes.

To learn more about volunteer opportunities for individuals and small groups or to register for these opportunities, click here.

Manna Food Center normally offers opportunities for larger groups to volunteer as well; however, those options are currently limited because of COVID. To check for larger group opportunities, click here.

Feel free to share extra information and personal experiences in the comments below, or head over to the forum!


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