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Friendship Place

Empowering people experiencing homelessness to attain stable housing


AGE RANGE - 18 and above for driving, all ages for donation drives

What is Friendship Place?

Starting in 1991 with one emergency shelter for homeless populations, Friendship Place has expanded throughout D.C., Maryland and Virginia to help the homeless find housing and other supportive services. In 2022, their programs ended or prevented homelessness for 4,497 people, including 600 children in families and 750 veterans. They empowered 136 people experiencing or at risk of homelessness to get jobs through innovative, state-of-the-art job placement services.

How do I volunteer?

Friendship Place offers both occasional and ongoing volunteer opportunities. It begins with filling out this form. Volunteers can provide lunch to La Casa residents (sign up here). They can also help with job searches (one-on-one mentoring, resume writing, assistance in the computer lab). And they can provide assistance with the front-desk (data entry, greeter, etc.), drive to transport events materials (posters, signage, boxes, etc), serve as back-up volunteers to support volunteers who are unable to attend. Friendship Place also seeks in-kind donations and welcomes volunteers to create donation drives.

Feel free to share extra information and personal experiences in the comments below, or head over to the forum!


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