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Woodley House DC

Woodley House provides supportive housing and services to Washington, DC residents with mental health disorders.


AGE RANGE - All ages

What is Woodley House?

Since its founding in 1958, Woodley House has helped tens of thousands of people to access mental health care and live independently in D.C. Woodley House operates 32 homes for more than 300 residents per year across 4 Wards in the District.

How do I volunteer?

Woodley House offers annual volunteer events, including a food and supplies drive, a fall planting day, and a spring fun run/walk/roll.

The food and supplies drive takes place in the winter. You may also organize your own food and supplies drive. Please contact the Woodley House to set it up, and you may use this wishlist for what is needed.

The fall planting day is held annually in the fall. It's an outdoor-only event and volunteers will plant bulbs and seeds, turn soil, trim plants, pull weeds, clean and power wash. Volunteers for this event should be 14 or older.

Lastly, the Woodley House holds an annual Spring Fun Run/Walk/Roll as a fundraiser. More information can be found here.

Feel free to share extra information and personal experiences in the comments below, or head over to the forum!


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